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iPhone 4

Apple announced their new iPhone today and they didn’t disappoint. While not quite the revolution the original iPhone was it is (in my opinion) their best improvement to the device. Lets go through a few of the features.

Display – The display is now better than your eye can even detect. In other words improvements to this display would be futile. Can’t get better than that.

Mail – Small improvements in mail but the all-inbox and thread features will be very hand for those of us who use multiple email accounts and have long threads clogging them up.

Multitasking – It’s surprising it took this long for Apple to allow the phone to multitask but it looks as if they’ve done it well. A single click on your home button and your open apps pop up at the bottom of the screen. Keep email, Pandora and Yahtzee open all at once.

Video, Pictures – The camera has front and back view, HD video capability, better resolution and a flash. The flash may be a little disappointing but I’ll take it. I really like having the camera feature and now that these features have been added why would I ever buy a camera.

Facetime – This is probably the biggest WOW of the presentation. Video calls right from your phone. You need a Wi-Fi signal but it looks amazing. Their presentation had a guy signing to someone else over the phone. The ability to make a phone call without being able to hear is pretty amazing. My hat’s off to you Apple.

I still think Apple is expensive but it’s hard to argue with their dominance in the marketplace.

Disclosure: Author has no position in AAPL.

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